BA/IDP: Evaluating the Reliability of Automotive Real-time Schedules


To assess a newly developed assurance method regarding the correct execution and communication between apps on a vehicular control unit, this thesis shall realize an evaluation framework with the help of established benchmarks on an embedded platform.

In the course of the PASS project (, we are investigating the possibility to flexibly extend vehicles with new functionality without compromising safety and security. A particular challenge in this context is to evaluate the developed assurance methods regarding correct execution and communication between apps. For this purpose, an existing concept for an evaluation framework [1] shall be implemented in the course of this bachelor thesis and extended based on established benchmarks and a suitable measurement environment.

Your Tasks

  • Implement the evaluation framework concept presented in [1] for FreeRTOS on a the Xilinx ZCU102 evaluation board
  • Extend the evaluation framework with existing benchmark functions (e.g. Mälardalen WCET benchmark programs [2] and TACLe benchmarks [3])
  • Conceptualize and setup a suitable measurement environment for the evaluation framework

Your Profile

  • Good knowledge in C programming
  • Enjoy dealing with embedded systems
  • Knowledge on benchmarking would be advantageous

What you can expect

  • Collaboration with a young international team
  • Your own contribution to the exciting research project PASS (
  • Implementation of your ideas and concepts on real embedded hardware as used by major automotive suppliers and producers


Interested and eager to tackle the challenge? Please get in touch with Oliver Horst.



Napier, Keegan, Oliver Horst, and Christian Prehofer. "Comparably evaluating communication performance within mixed-criticality systems." WMC 2016 4th International Workshop on Mixed Criticality Systems. 2016.